Cali Girl Leather Collar and Leash Matching Combo

Cali Girl Leather Collar and Leash Matching Combo

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'The Cali Girl' leather dog collar and leash is a softly colored feminine combination in our luxurious dog accessories range. Both the collar and leash are hand-stitched with colorful wax threads in soft Pink, Purple and Navy. The colors look particularly great on bigger breed dogs who want to show their feminine side whilst not being ‘girly’ girls.

The leather that has been used on all of our dog accessories is exactly the same as that used on our popular Gaucho Goods belts. Each finished item is a unique accessory that is visually attractive and soft to touch.

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Collar Sizing Chart

Size Length (inches)* Width (inches) Common Breed**
XS 9-12" 3/8" Boston Terrier, Maltipoo, Dachshund
S 12-15" 1" Jack Russell, Pug, Parsons Terrier
M 15-18" 1" Beagle, Cocker Spaniel, Vizsla
L 18-21" 1" Labrador, Dalmatian, Retriever
XL 21-24" 1.5" Mastiff, Doberman, St. Bernard

Size Notes

* We punch the leather at 1" intervals for each collar. E.g. 12-15" means there are holes punched at 12, 13, 14 & 15", making the size adjustable.

** The common breeds are general guidelines; we recommend that customers measure their pup's neck to determine the right sized collar.

*** Please note unless otherwise specified the leash will be our 4ft leash. If you would prefer the 6ft leash please drop us a message on your order form.


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